Present the treatment

Cephalometric software can be more than just a diagnostic tool for clinical work. Your software must also help you:
•    sell the treatment;
•    show the results of the treatment;
•    explain the progress of treatment to your patients.

What is more attractive than comparing photographs from different stages of the treatment and at the end showing the treatment progress from the initial to the final stage in a personalized video. Use AudaxCeph video maker to do it.

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Two editions, one intelligent engine

Our cephalometric software comes in two editions with different set of features. Both editions include our intelligent cephalometric engine which enables precise and fast results.

AudaxCeph AudaxCeph Empower

The simplicity of AudaxCeph SuperEasy empowered with Artificial Intelligence which instead of you places cephalometric points of soft and hard tissue landmarks in a matter of seconds.

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AudaxCeph AudaxCeph Ultimate

All-in-one cephalometric solution for planning, predicting and simulation which gets you from x-ray to analysis, superimposition, skull growth, VTO and photograph layouts in a blink of the eye.

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