Finding out which computer uses AudaxCeph floating license is easy. If the computer which runs AudaxCeph is taken out of the network (for example: taken home) with AudaxCeph still running, then the license access will be taken away too. In order to bring it back, we need to attach the computer back to the network, run the AudaxCeph software and exit it. This will release the license.

step Description
1. Click the File tab on the ribbon
2. Click Additional License Information
3. A dialogue appears. Click on the Details tab.
4 Find your license. For example:

AudaxCeph 6 Advantage

      >Floating license - available 0 out of 1 license

              >Peter on PETER-ZBOOK


  • Software package name is: AudaxCeph Advantage version 6
  • License type: Floating
  • Availability: 0 liceses available and 1 license purchased (why 0 available - > because someone in the network is using the floating license)
  • User who is using the floating license is: Peter
  • Computer name where the license is being used is: PETER-ZBOOK