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Ask us about our Education Promotion Program to get AudaxCeph in your department

Audax has always maintained strong relation with universities and other Educational Institutions (E/I). Together we run a variety of programs which provide software to the E/I. In return we learn from them, expand our horizons and develop our applications in a better way.

Education Promotion Program

Audax offers AudaxCeph software to Universities and Educational Institutions for their use at special conditions. Our main goal is to put the collaboration between Audax and the E/I on a higher level.

Requested Educational licenses are given under the following conditions:

  1. E/I pays the licence fee for the required licences at a substantial discount.
  2. Students must attend on-line presentation of AudaxCeph software organized by AudaxCeph team in collaboration with the E/I.
  3. E/I’s legal representative is required to sign a document called the Education Product Schedule.

Despite anything to the contrary in the License Agreement, E/I may use the countersigned Licensed Products for educational/academic purposes. Non-educational research conducted using the facilities of an academic institution or under an academic name, does not qualify.

In return E/I provides feedback of AudaxCeph use:

  1. E/I should provide academic article(s) where AudaxCeph software would be mentioned. The article(s) would be either posted on the University website, with a link to AudaxCeph webpage or sent in documet form to Audax with authorisation to use it as a reference.
  2. It is important for us to get some acknowledgment from the E/I that uses AudaxCeph software in their study and research process. A recognition of AudaxCeph software on the website of the E/I is also a way of showing public awareness of a positive collaboration between Audax and the E/I. E/I must publish news on its web page about the AudaxCeph software with a link to AudaxCeph web page.
  3. Audax can use the E/I’s name as a reference.

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