How to purchase an AudaxCeph license

AudaxCeph license is lifetime without any obligatory yearly payment

Purchase & trials


An AudaxCeph license can be purchased through three different channels:


We strongly encourage you to purchase a license from a local reseller. Check for resellers and their contact at the Resellers page. If there is no reseller in you country, then you should check the Packages page or contact us directly at and ask for an offer.

Web shop

AudaxCeph web shop is run by the web bank Cleverbridge AG (Cologne, Germany).

Directly from Audax

If you feel that purchasing directly from us is the best way for you, then please contact us at and ask for an offer. We will prepare and send it back to you in the same working day.

What do I get?

When a license is purchased a customer gets:

  • A lifetime floating license of AudaxCeph with possibility to upgrade to either a new version or edition with more functionalities
  • One year maintenance
  • One year technical support

If after one year your computer needs to be replaced then we will issue the key codes free of charge.

Do you need more information?

No problem. Use this contact form to send us your question.

Our product specialists will give you an answer as soon as possible.

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