Is there a list of available analysis types?

I question myself if there is an analysis type with measurements and standard values which perfectly fits into my orthodontic office.

Knowledge base

A list of analysis types

There are 400+ dental schools worldwide and one, two or even more opinion makers in every country. The impression is that all of them advocate a different cephalometric analysis type. On top, a lot of orthodontists want their analysis types and reports changed by either adding or reducing a number of measurements, sometimes even both.
AudaxCeph has a list of 200 major analysis types such as for example: American Board of Orthodontists, Sassouni, Yosh Jefferson, AMC I and II, Bern, Ricketts, Bjork, Grummons, VOEK, Downs, Eastman, Mahony, Delaire, European Board of Orthodontics, Kim, OSA, McNamarra, McLaughlin, Zuerich, Segner-Hasund, Bimler, Tweed, STCA-Arnett, Montreal, Steiner, ADM, McGann, Juj, IBO, Saudia, SBO, CJH, Smilefast-Orthoed, Tollaro, Cervical Vertebrae Analysis, Sydney-Geneva, Denture frame, Alkebsi, Sunna, I-Dental, Koni, ...
Many times it happens that a major analysis type has different subversions. For example, for the Mahony analysis type we created 5 different subversions, because orthodontists asked for modifications.

Analysis type modelling

A very important advantage of AudaxCeph software, is that it is designed in a way to make it possible to create different measurement protocols, standard values and requested reports and have them individualized for every doctor.
Because AudaxCeph has a tool for analysis type modeling, virtually any analysis type can be created. You can create it on your own or the AudaxCeph team does it for you. It is fun to use CAD tools and spend some time creating your own measurement protocol. If needed, you can count on our team to help you with ideas and tips.

Analysis type definition

What you need upfront, before you start is:

  1. A list of points with description, for example Sella Turcica, Nasion, Gonion (anatomic), Gonion (tangent/constructed),...
  2. A list of planes/lines
  3. A list of measurements and their standard values

All ambiguities need to be clarified. For example, if you use mandibular line, it is important to know wheather the line goes trough Menton and constructed Gonion or through Menton and anatomic gonion or something else.

Happy modelling.

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