Turn x-rays to information

X-rays are a valuable input for the diagnostic process. Just make formal reports out of them. Find hidden discrepancies or patients face disharmony and use downstream applications to create skull growth projections, treatment plans, predictions, and simulations. Besides that, you can study the overall treatment outcome by superimposing statuses at different times during the treatment process.

Don't stop here

Same intelligence, different toolbox

Our cephalometric software comes in three editions with different sets of features. Nevertheless, all editions include our intelligent cephalometric engine which enables precise and fast results.

Power of AI


Simplicity of AudaxCeph SuperEasy empowered with artificial Intelligence which places cephalometric points of soft and hard tissue instead of you in a few seconds.

Front to back


All-in-one cephalometric solution for planning, predicting and simulation which gets you from x-ray to analysis, superimposition, skull growth, VTO, photograph layouts in a blink of the eye.