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You've got a bunch of x-rays.
Now what?

Stop losing time doing tracings the old-fashioned way. Use AudaxCeph’s automatic tracing engine to simplify your work.

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We have implemented and maintain a Medical devices quality system for complete product lifecycle of orthodontics computer software which fullfils the requirements of ISO 13485:2016 standard.

With AudaxCeph you can...

Turn X-rays into information

Get measurements for treatment plans, skull growth projections, treatment predictions and simulation.

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Save your valuable time

Let the software automatically place cephalometric landmarks in seconds and save you time.

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Organize your documents

Sort all treatment related documents in timeline containers and have them always available.

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Present the treatment

Be ready to show and explain progress of orthodontic treatment to your patients in any given moment.

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Automatic tracing

Fully automate the process of cephalometric tracing

The automatic tracing feature is powered by a high tech industry proven software engine. It automatically finds soft and hard tissue landmarks, planes and silhouettes on lateral or PA radiographs within seconds.

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Superimpose analyses and lateral images

Any number of analyses and patient’s head photos can be superimposed automatically or manually. Also structural superimpositions can easily be done. You can manage how analyses are displayed, automate report generation, visualize growth and treatment efects.

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Growth Projection

Know what to expect with the help of growth projection

Skull growth projection will grow the skull tracing from then current skeletal age to the chosen skeletal age. Projections up to maturity can be done. Control the growth pattern. Prepare for different treatment scenarios.

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Create treatment plans based on predicted results

VTO and/or STO will help you to create one or more treatment plans. By simulating orthodontic and/or surgical treatment using any analysis type, a detailed treatment drawing can be created. Taking into account different degrees of tissue softnes and rigidity, excellent prediction results are obtained.

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Arrange the patient's photos in a well-organized layout system

Display photo setups for presentations to patient, or coleagues. These can be done automatically or customized manually. Crop, align, print, copy to clipboard or save the layouts. Make eye - catching presentations, reports, quotations, comparisons of dentition status between treatment stages. 

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Showcase the treatment progress with an impressive video

The treatment simulation feature helps explain the process of the treatment to patients or it can illustrate the course of the treatment. Create a smooth transition simulation between different phases of the treatment and show your patient the history of the entire treatment process.

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Analysis type modelling

Choose from over 200 analysis types or create your own

Choose from any of the existing analysis types (200+) or create your own customized analysis type. This can be done by choosing desired measurements from the database of measurements and adding them to an existing analysis types or starting from scratch. Use cognitive geometry elements such as points, planes, measurements and calculated measurements, customize reports, add standard values and much more. Be the architect of your own measurement protocol.

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Manage all of your patient's data with powerful and secure tools

Search for patients and their orthodontic data. Documents are neatly stored on stages of treatment. Use manipulation tools or gestures such as drag&drop to easily manage documents. Data can be cryptographically protected to increase security.

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How-to videos

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We only highlited a few of AudaxCeph features. Watch our how-to videos explaining all functionalities which will make your cephalometric work a walk in the park.

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Two editions, one intelligent engine

Our cephalometric software comes in two editions with different set of features. Both editions include our intelligent cephalometric engine which enables precise and fast results.

AudaxCeph Essentials

AudaxCeph's simplicity is enhanced by its automatic tracing engine, which places cephalometric points on soft and hard tissue landmarks within seconds, saving you time and effort.

Popular choice

AudaxCeph Ultimate

All-in-one cephalometric solution for planning, predicting and simulation which gets you from x-ray to analysis, superimposition, skull growth, VTO and photograph layouts in a blink of the eye.

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