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Cephalometric Software At Your Dental Office


Friday, November 10, 2017, 13:00 UTC (Universal Time)


When deciding for cephalometric software some questions emerge: Which software is the best for me.... ? The one used by my colleague? The one advised by my computer technician? What should the software do? What is important for my office?

Webinar will cover necessary functionalities of the software, services provided from the manufacturer or its representatives and software background. Functionalities like AUTOMATIC TRACING will be shown and roadmap for future development explained.

See how your practice can benefit from using cephalometric software.


Schedule /UTC time - Universal Time/

  • 13:00 to 13:05: Introduction
  • 13:05 to 13:20: Functionalities
  • 13:20 to 13:25: Key points for choosing the software
  • 13:25 to 14:00: Q&A



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Creating An Analysis Type In Line With My Wishes


Friday, November 17, 2017, 13:00 UTC (Universal Time)


There are 400+ different dental schools worldwide and almost every dental school uses its own cephalometric analysis type. Differences can be in measurements, standard values, reports etc.


Learn how to change an existing analysis type or how to create a new analysis type from scratch using eiter primitive elements such as points, planes or composite ones which are available for you in the library.


SCHEDULE /UTC time - Universal Time/

  • 13:00 to 13:05: Introduction
  • 13:05 to 13:10: Tracing the radiograph with basic elements
  • 13:10 to 13:30: Three approaches to creating an analysis type
  • 13:30 to 13:45: Q&A



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Cephalometric Superimposition


Friday, November 24, 2017, 13:00 UTC (Universal Time)

Superimposition is next logical step in cephalometrics. Doctor use it in order to compare radiographs/tracings made during the process of treatment, usually at the beginning and at the end of treatment.


Learn about creating superimposition either automatically, manually or based on fixed structures.


SCHEDULE /UTC time - Universal Time/

  • 13:00 to 13:05: Introduction
  • 13:05 to 13:10: Superimposition - the easy way
  • 13:10 to 13:20: Manually done superimpositions
  • 13:20 to 13:30: Structural superimpositions



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