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We offer pdf manuals, additional analysis types and quick start toolkit for your quick start and steep learning.


The purpose of the user manual is to explain how to use all the AudaxCeph software functions. The user manual is also available during software installation.  


Analyses types

The setup program contains a few analyses types. In addition, you can use other types which are available in our extensive analysis type database.

Quick start toolkit

It is aimed at those who want to start using software as soon as possible. It will only take you an hour to get familiar with the practical part and even start using advanced features.


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Try AudaxCeph software for free. It includes all the functionalities of AudaxCeph Advantage including cephalometric analyses, cephalometric superimposition, VTO/STO, treatment animations, orthodontic photographs, automatic reports, patient and document management. After a 30-day full function trial period you will still be able to access and view your documents, but you won't be able to edit them.








AudaxCeph VIDEO tutorials

Videos will quickly show you both the features as well as how to work with the AudaxCeph software. Feel free to contact us any time. We welcome any questions and feedback regarding the use of AudaxCeph software.


The video tutorials are organized by sections that are constantly updated. We are aware it is difficult to find enough time to go through the entire tutorial collection. Therefore, the videos are short and content-oriented.









Free trial - AudaxCeph SuperEasy

Test AudaxCeph SuperEasy for free and without any obligation. A trial period of 30 days allows you to discover all of the assets of the AudaxCeph SuperEasy program and make use of our premium support as well to help you design analyses.